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Becky from Manchester, NH

Call 603-998-1110 or email about NH Personal TrainingMy journey with Inner-Fit began when my sister-in-law Jill called and asked if I would be willing to give it a try. She had been working out with Aaron of Inner-Fit and started seeing great results after just a few weeks. I was reluctant to start because of the shape I was in; at 26 years old I was 5'2", 250lbs and on anti-anxiety meds. I was ashamed of who I had become and had lost confidence in mysef. Two years ago, I had success with another popular weight loss program losing a little over 70lbs. Yet, even though I was eating within my points, I was eating things like fat free hot dogs and fat free Oreos. It wasn't long before I gained it all back, and then some. I was feeding my emotions instead of feeding my body the fuel it needed to be sustained.

Aaron came to my house at the end of June 2009 and he asked me about my goals. I said that I wanted to get "healthy." Thankfully, he dididn't leave it at that. He pushed me to "get deeper" and asked me what I really wanted. I could tell that he was no ordinary trainer. He was very positive and encouraging, but above that, I could tell that he actually cared. The next few days I was met with extreme anxiety and called Aaron to cancel the whole thing, twice. Aaron reminded me that it was time to make a change, enough was enough. The first few weeks were a little rough. It wasn't the workouts; those were great. Aaron tailored everything to my needs and fitness level. However, I was facing an inner battle with thoughts like "I'm not good enough", "I'm never going to get there so I may as well give up", and "You're just going to gain it all back like last time."

After a month and a half I got my first results. I lost 23.75 inches and 25lbs. It was definitely working. Yet, instead of being happy for what I'd accomplished, I was met with fear and the thought of "I could have done better." I was beginning to realize that I was my own worst enemy. Through some guidance from Aaron, I was able to start facing my fears and work through them. Then I broke my foot in October. I felt a little defeated, but Aaron was again able to tailor my workouts to what I could do. It is now 5 and a half months later and I have lost 65.25 inches and 72lbs. I am able to run 5 miles in 65 minutes; a time I will definitely be improving over the next few months. I am also off my anxiety medication. I have so much energy and my confidence has skyrocketed! My journey with Inner-Fit isn't over yet, but I wanted to say a huge thank-you to Aaron of Inner-Fit (and to Jill) for believing in me and helping me reach my goals. Next goal: complete a triathalon!

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