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Jill - Mother of 2, Working Mom from Manchester, NH

I would say that 4 1/2 months ago I thought that after having two children (one over 10 lbs) - that where I was, physically, was as good as it could get for me... I had decided I needed to come to terms with the fact that I was entering my thirties and it wouldn't ever be the same... I had also accepted a life with extremely high cholesterol (over 300), migraine headaches and sciatica pain. I had joined weight loss groups before and managed my calorie intake and lost weight from time to time. I had attempted to exercise from time to time. But I inevitably ended up gaining back Call 603-998-1110 or email about NH Personal Trainingany weight loss and also acquired injuries from trying to work out without knowing what I was doing.

I literally "bumped" into Aaron of InnerFit while out and about one day and that's where the "new me" began... We met for an evaluation where my results encouraged me to start right away! Over the next four and a half months I worked harder than I ever thought I could. I accomplished things I never could have imagined (like doing 40 guy pushups!!). I changed my diet and conquered my addiction to sugar. Aaron taught me the right foods to eat to fuel my body - helping my body become leaner faster! We met three times per week and on many of my off days I would walk - and eventually run!

After 5 weeks of working out - Aaron took my measurements for the first time since my evaluation and the results amazed me! I dropped from 37% body fat to 26%. I also lost 12.25" in that first five weeks. I could not believe the results! As of my last measurement, which was 15 weeks into my time with Aaron and InnerFit, my body fat measurements had dropped from 37% to 19% body fat and I had lost a total of 18.25" and 13lbs. To drop from 37% to 19% -- I nearly cut my body fat in half!

To the outside world, before InnerFit, I looked "reasonable" for my height and weight, but I knew I could be in better shape, I just never knew by how much! I feel amazing. I feel strong. I keep up with my kids. I have more energy. I sleep better. My headaches are gone. I plan to have my cholesterol tested soon, as I know the results will be astonishing and my sciatica plain has reduced dramatically.

I struggled with accountability and self control and with a lot of prayer and the great help from Aaron I was kept on track! Between emails, phone calls and texts - InnerFit is there for you all the way!

My biggest bonus - my kids! They began exercising too. My four year old even asked for peanut butter one day "because it is protein mommy". I will enter a room and find them doing push ups or 'the plank'. At a restaurant the other day, my daughter began doing 'lunges' down the isle to our seat. Aaron has changed our lives and has truly become a part of our family... we may never let him leave!

Thank you Aaron and InnerFit for all you've done for me and my family, we are forever better because of you!


Jill - Before

Jill - After
The Plank

Wall Squats

Belle's Muscles

Callen's Ab Workout


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