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Trish - Mother ~ Daughter Team

My journey with Inner Fit began in June 2009. A friend had told me about InnerFit at home training and how much she loved it. I decided to call and set up an initial appointment. I was a little nervous about having someone come to my house. However, after meeting with Aaron I instantly had a positive feeling about him. Moving through the evaluation I knew that I was dealing with an upright individual: educated, focused and professional.

Call 603-998-1110 or email about NH Personal TrainingI signed up for a 15 session package along with my 21 year old daughter. Our goals included losing excess body fat and increasing / developing muscle tone. But, most of all, personally changing my lifestyle so that I could feel good about myself again. Over the next several weeks we learned so much about our own physical fitness: how our eating habits needed to change; how eating and exercise work hand in hand; the importance of certain food choices in order to lose fat and build muscle; the quantities and frequency of eating and let us not forget how hard we could be pushed to work at 100%... and then some... every time! Beyond that, we were supported with fitness schedules and routines for our off days that were kept simple and realistic to our own goals.

I was especially impressed with the equipment that Aaron brought with him. I loved that every day that we trained we did something different! I loved that every time we met together I could count on having fun and laughing with him. I appreciated the extra mile that Aaron went in texting me mid day, "how are you feeling?" "What did you have for lunch today?" "Great job training today!" It brought in the mid-week accountability factor that I needed as well as positive support and encouragement. As Aaron believed in me, I began to believe in myself!

I can see that Aaron's desire to make fitness his career is ultimately motivated by his deep desire to see others succeed in accomplishing their goals in fitness and good health, both mentally and physically. By the way, at our mid-way evaluation, working out with Aaron twice a week, my daughter and I had each lost 10% of our body fat and had gained visibly defined muscle mass. We both feel great! My husband and I agree that this was time and money well spent!

Call or email us to set up an evaluation, and take the first steps toward reaching your goals.